These are a few pieces that work really well for clothing that i use when i’m moving in the mountains…

Winter Climbing (Mixed and Ice) Clothing-(more at &

This is the Virtuoso Jacket.  It’s warm, light, packable, and reliable when the cold gets colder.  I use this piece pretty much anytime i step outside into the mountains.

The Radiant Hoody is my go to piece.  Sometimes to the point of sleeping in it.  Whether for sending or layering, this piece is what i look to for performance at any level.

The M’s Mentor Jacket™ has been ruggedly designed, tested, and built for ultimate storm-worthy protection in remote, big-mountain environments. The Mentor Jacket keeps the elements off me.

The Exos Pants have become “The pant” for me.  Whether mixed climbing or even ice climbing, or cragging on a cold day, this pant has a performance fit allowing for huge range of motion from it’s stretch material.  I love this pant.

I have come to love my Alibi Jacket.  It fits me perfectly.  Unless it’s pouring down with rain, this jacket is pretty much an every time jacket for me during the winter.  I find it very accomodating through any style of movement, whether mixed or ice.

These mitts keep my hands really warm.  Simple.  The removable liner allows me to wear the shell over top of my climbing gloves, allowing for my hands to remain warm without having to switch all the time.

The Alpine Alibi glove is the first glove i’ve ice climbed with that hasn’t caused me to over grip my tools due to “slippage” (hands sliding in gloves).  They keep my hands warm with a snug fit, allowing for ultimate dexterity when handling tools, draws, or screws.


The Alibi mixed glove allows ultimate performance in mixed climbing.  Its sleek fit and protected knuckles opens the flood gates to crushing.

With Wigwam socks to protect my feet

Wigwam’s moisture control system keeps feet dry and warm, Foot hugging fit, Cushiony sole, Stay put leg and top, Seamless toe closure.  Perfection.


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